Welcome. Restaurants, Living Spaces, Bathrooms & Holiday Lets.

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Welcome. Restaurants, Living Spaces, Bathrooms & Holiday Lets.


Well I’m finally up and running.  Sorry its a few days late in launching but there have been some issues that have taken a while to resolve.

I know this first blog isn’t necessarily photographic but seeing as it concerns my business I think it’s important to let you know as you could have a similar experience. I will try not to bore you too much.

Nativespace: (Don’t Go There)

The reason this blog is late is because I have had problems configuring an email account and changing everything over. I changed to a different web hosting company “Nativespace” and to be quite honest with you I really wish I hadn’t.
The platform is brilliant, however their support is severely lacking. Unless you really know your stuff when it comes to setting up domains, web-mail accounts etc. which I don’t  do not use them. Service was so bad I rate it 0 out of 10.
There is no phone support whatsoever, you must order a ticket from their control panel, they then send you what they think is the relative information sheet to your problem and the information they send you, well, unless you have a degree in IT forget it.
I sent over 20 emails to them sometimes pleading with them to help from their end and still they kept sending the same print-out. I never did get the help I needed. Frustration is an understatement.
I’m sorry Nativespace but your support is disgusting and I will only be staying with you until I find another host to suit my needs.

Restaurants, Living Spaces, Bathrooms & Holiday Lets

All in a days work. being a professional photographer you are never really sure what the day will bring

Here are a few shots of a typical days work.


Mill image 1

Mill 2


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