Look, think, compose, think again and then shot

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Look, think, compose, think again and then shot
The Forth Rail Crossing - Firth of Forth

The Forth Rail Crossing – Firth of Forth – Imaging © Kevin O’Brien


I am very privileged to live in a really beautiful part of the world, all I have to do is open my front door, walk 150 yards and I’m on the harbour side.

I live in a fishing community in Berwickshire, in a small town called Eyemouth just over the border north of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Its 72 miles to Newcastle & 51 miles to Edinburgh so I’m pretty well positioned to two major cities, but the very special thing about it is I’m on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK.

Because the A1 runs along this part of the coast between Newcastle and Edinburgh most people miss it, this is why they call it the secret coast. I am really spoilt for choice what to photograph next.

Cove Harbour - Berwickshire

Cove Harbour – Berwickshire – Imaging & text © Kevin O’Brien

Now to my point! When I go out with my camera I am very careful about what I shoot, maybe it’s because I’m old school and I used to shoot a lot of expensive film therefore I take time to look very hard before I shoot anything.

Anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture; the digital cameras nowadays are pretty amazing that’s why there are millions upon millions of snaps of virtually everything, but that is exactly what they are, just snaps, that’s ok if you want references of where you have been but if you want something special to hang on the wall or give to someone then you have to take more care.

Next time you go out with your camera think about this. What are you photographing and why? Too many people just wonder about and snap away, and when they get home they have dozens of pictures that they do not know what to do with just cramming the hard drive. What a waste of space and time.

Eyemouth Harbour - Berwickshire

Eyemouth Harbour – Berwickshire – Imaging © Kevin O’Brien


When you next take a photograph, Stop and really Look at your scene, take it all in and Think about what you really want, then Compose your shot, Think again about the focal point (the most interesting bit) of your image before you take it, Then shoot.

I guarantee when you get home you will have far better and a lot fewer images.

The Angel of the North - Imaging & text © Kevin O'Brien

The Angel of the North – Imaging & text © Kevin O’Brien

If you want to learn more about the basics of photography why not spend a day with me somewhere along this beautiful coastline. Check out my Walking with Cameras page for details and contact me via the contact form

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