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Starting FEB 2017 (Booking now)

Imagine arriving at a location, meeting over a coffee, then setting out together to discover our beautiful countryside and coastal views here on the Scottish Borders and at the same time learning to use your camera and take the images you have always dreamed of. Well my Walking with Cameras personal day courses do just that with absolutely no pressure. These courses are aimed at beginners who want an enjoyable day out with a chance to learn to use their cameras properly, and at the end of your course you will be able to take far better images than when you started and with confidence.

St Abbs

All of my courses begin with light refreshments and a brief introductory chat about your hopes for the day. We will then embark on a visual and a hands-on working tour of the designated area working slowly learning about your camera, exposure and composition.


These courses are not for people with Phone cameras or compact  digital cameras, you will need a digital SLR, bridge camera, compact system or mirror-less interchangeable lens camera. (It must have a manual setting) and a tripod. If in doubt email me the model number and make of the camera and I will be able to advise.  My courses normally run for around 5 hours in duration. We will meet up at a designated spot around 9am and normally finish around 2pm but allow yourself an extra hour just in case it takes a little longer


What you should bring with you – The Bare Essentials !

Since there will be no mountaineering, deep-sea diving or parachuting on any of my meanderings, there will be no requirement for any specialist clothing as such.  The main requirements would be sensible footwear, and, bearing in mind we are in the North of England and Scotland something warm and  rain proof is essential.

A packed lunch is also required with any refreshments you may consider necessary  (no alcohol please) because we could be a couple of miles from anywhere enjoying the location.


I only have a maximum of three people to a course that way I can talk individually to each of you while the other two can either chat or work together, it works better in three’s. Contact me  for further details


Although we are keeping to paths and trails it is advisable to have your own travel accident insurance as I cannot be responsible for any accidents caused while walking.