Kevin O’Brien

Originally born in Finchley London I now live in Eyemouth Berwickshire.

My photographic experience stretches over 30 years. My education started at Yeovil College of Art & Design in Somerset and was followed by 5 years working on my own in the darkroom learning the art of photographic printing and old photographic processes, such as Bromoil, Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate & Salt Printing. It was using film for 12 years before I started to really get into digital imaging.

Photography is my work and my hobby; my mind never stops ruminating. I love my cameras and I will use any media and photograph anything that captures my imagination. I’m never afraid to experiment. I use a vast array of photographic media such as digital capture, film, scanners, pinhole, toy cameras and different types of media to create the images I am looking for. I also use Adobe Photoshop and various other software applications to create my unique work.

Photography has taken me to a variety of places including Albania where I photographed the deprivation following the fall of communism. In 2008 I photographed and documented the fishing community of Eyemouth “The Eyemouth Project”. My other exhibitions have included “Making Waves” and “Borderlands”. Illness has stopped me over the last few years from working very much  but 2016 promises to be a very good year for me. I’m full of energy and ready to get on with some great projects  I’m currently working on 2 new exhibition for 2016-2017.

I love to photo document real people in everyday life getting on with their business. However my true passion is for fine art, landscape & still life photography.

You can find me at O’Brien Imaging, a working photographic gallery in Eyemouth, which I run with my wife Liz. also check in on my Facebook page  and Twitter page

Photographic skills: Photo Documentary; Portraiture; Corporate; Corporate Portraiture; Fineart; Landscape; Still Life; Digital Imaging and Digital Art

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