“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”  (Ansel Adams)


Welcome to my Black & White/Monochrome gallery. All images on this page can be purchased, please make a note of the image code and email me for sizes and prices. My online shop will be open very shortly. Thank you.

A very personal image of Pettico Wick shot while I was recovering from cancerA very personal image of Pettico Wick  taken while recovering from cancer ( mono31)

Old boat rudder and propeller study

Old boat rudder and propeller study (mono 30)

Groins shot at low tide at Thornham on The Norfolk Broads

Groins at Thornham on the Norfolk Broads (mono 29)

Eyemouth Harbour shot at night Black & White image.

Eyemouth harbour at night (mono 28)

Cygnets on Eyemouth harbour at night

Cygnets on Eyemouth Harbour (mono 27)

Roughting Linn. (mono25)

Roughting Linn , (mono26)

Old Fishing Boat – Holy Island (mono 25)

Mooring Post

Old Jetty, mooring rope & post (mono 24)

On Bute Isle of Bute

 Port Bannatyne – The Isle of Bute  (mono 23)

Black Rock Cottage Glen Coe Scotland

Black Rock Cottage – Glencoe (mono 22)

Toward The Copse

Toward The Copse – Scottish Borders  (mono 21)

The Lighthouse Berwick-upon-Tweed

The Lighthouse – Berwick-upon-Tweed (mono 20)

Photographed in an old derilict house in Somerset

The Bottle In The Window   (mono 19)

Over the River Tweed

Across The River Tweed – Berwick-upon-Tweed (mono 18)

Remains Of The Day

Remains Of The Day – Botallack Tin Mine Cornwall  (mono 17)

Doddo Stones

Duddo Stones – Duddo Northumberland (mono 16)

Old Nets Dungeness

Old Nets – Dungeness Kent  (mono 15)

Eyemouth Harbour

Eyemouth Harbour (mono 14)


North Queensferry – Fife  (mono 13)

Shot on Eyemouth HArbour Berwickshire and a cold snowey morning

Rope tie in the snow – Eyemouth Harbour (mono12)

North Queensferry3

North Queensferry 3 – Fife  (mono 11)

Old boots photographed on an old constrution site

Out Of Stock (mono 10)

Lundin Links Stones

Lundin Links Stones – Fife  (mono 9)

Holy Island Huts

Fishermans Huts – Holy Island  (mono 8)

Harbours End

Harbours End – Eyemouth Berwickshire  (mono 7)

Seascape from Spittal Beach

Seascape from Spittal Beach

Berwick Lighthouse From Spittal – Northumberland  (mono 6)

Fencepost In The Snow

Fence Post In The Snow – Scottish Borders  (mono 5)

Eyemouth Harbour Distresses

Eyemouth Harbour – Berwickshire  (mono 4)

Eyemouth Harbour At Night

The Harbour at Night – Eyemouth Berwickshire  (mono 3)

Cove Harbour

Cove Harbour – Cove Berwickshire  (mono 2)

Ayton Castle Gatehouse

The  Gatehouse – Ayton Castle, Berwickshire  (mono 1)

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