Fork Study 1

Fork Study 1  (dc1)

THE CYANOTYPE PROCESS.  Also known as the blueprint process, was first introduced by John Herschel (1792 – 1871). Sir John was an astronomer trying to find a way to copy his notes. The process is a low-cost process using only two chemicals ammonium (iron) citrate & potassium ferricyanide. The paper is coated with the iron salts and then a contact print is made using sunlight (ultra violet). The print is then washed in water resulting in a blue and white print.

One of the first people to use the Cyanotype process for photography was Anna Atkins (1799 – 1871) who in 1834 became the first person to produce a photographically illustrated book using Cyanotypes.  Photographs of British Algae by Anna Atkins.  Engineers and architects also used the process up until the early 1960’s to make copies of drawings known as blueprints.

Although I do make Cyanotype prints these images are digital Cyanotypes. I painted my own backgrounds using blue Indian ink and scanned the results then layered my images onto the backgrounds. All images on this page can be purchased, please make a note of the image code and email me for sizes and prices. My online shop will be open very shortly. Thank you.

Fork Study 2

Fork Study 2  (dc2)

Fork & Fish Knife

Fork & Fish Knife  (dc3)

Harbours Wave

Eyemouth Wave – Eyemouth Berwickshire  (dc4)

Storm Over Eyemouth

High Tide – Eyemouth Berwickshire  (dc5)

Fence Post in the Snow

Fencepost In The Snow – Scottish Borders  (dc6)

Tulip Study No3

Tulip Study  (cya7)

Natures End 2

Nature’s End  (dc8)

Dead Tulip Study No4

Dead Tulip Study  (dc9)

Digital Cyanotype.

Anemone No1 (cya10)

Rose Tudy No2

Rose Study  (dc11)

Rose Study No2  (dc12)

Tulip Study

Tulip Study No3  (dc13)

Digital image of a sea shell (Digital Cyanotype)

Shell Study no1  (dc14)

Digital image of a sea shell (Digital Cyanotype)

Shell Study no2  (dc15)

Digital image of a sea shell (Digital Cyanotype)

Shell Study no3  (dc16)

Digital image of a sea shell (Digital Cyanotype)

Shell Study No4  (dc17)

Digital image of a sea shell (Digital Cyanotype)

Shell Study no5  (dc18)

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